Episode 5 – “Jess” -

Mike learns who the strange woman is that has saved him from certain death.

Episode 5 – “Jess”

Mike learns who the strange woman is that has saved him from certain death.

October 17, 2011 by 2 Comments
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  1. James Christian
    November 7, 2011
    @ 6:52 pm

    You got me eager for the next one. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Theresa Dennis
    November 15, 2011
    @ 6:19 pm

    I loved your episodes. That’s a COOL series! I just wish you could put it on tv on sci-fi channel or some other free tv station. What I’d like to see is a tv series with the alien (s) as the good guy and the government as the bad guy (which is what reality looks like) and the alien escaping from the military without killing anyone. I really believe that there are real extraterrestrials in existence- for example: the Zeta Reticulans or “greys”. Meaning, the ones who visited/abducted Whitley Strieber for 8 years. I have a personal theory that the reason why our government is refusing to admit making contact with the Zeta Reticulans or any et’s for that matter is that they’re afraid of what the Zeta Reticulans might say telepathically or have a Hybrid say for them on tv. Imagine if the Zeta Reticulans were really good angels (and not fallen angles like some religious fanatics are believing) from Jesus Christ, and they know the truth about our Earth’s past and future history? What if they said something on tv that could screw up our political/religious/racial structures and make it impossible for the powers that be to continue to be in power since our Earth’s power structure is formed by what we are told to believe in and you only have a limited number of choices so that the government can twist your opinion to the one that the government wants you to believe in. For example: You can only be Liberal or Conservative, Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, Pro-Military or Anarchist, Ufo Believer or Sceptic/Debunker, Environmentalist or Big Oil Polluter, and there’s no other choices for you to believe in but these. What if the Zeta Reticulans told us their ways of thinking about politics/religion/race and the knowledge was something we’d never have thought of and it would cause a split in Christianity as well? Presently, we elect presidents/leaders based on a set of preselected opinions so if some new opinions were mentioned on tv people might have a major split in their opinions such as some people believing everything the Zeta Reticulans say and the other people refusing to believe and the ones who refuse to believe would react violently towards those who believe what the Zeta Reticulans say. When I mentioned in college one day to a bunch of students that I believed in et’s being real and being angels of a flesh and blood variety, not spiritual, the students reacted with violent words as if the very thought of real et’s made them want to attack me physically. Now what if the Zeta Reticulans said say that they came to the Earth tens of thousands of years ago and they created Humans by adding their dna to the Great Apes dna in order to create a new species of people while at the same time creating an ark, seed bank, or as some people put it, a container for their dna in case their dna got messed up, and our bodies are the container containing their original dna before it got screwed up? Basically, the Zeta Reticulans could come back to us and ask us to help save them from going extinct in case they had a nuclear disaster on their planet which could cause destruction to dna code. The problem there is if the Zeta Reticulans came to the U.S. government or any government and asked them if they could live on this Earth openly with us as citizens so they could marry Humans legally, have sex with us and have chilren with us legally, our governments being extremely racist and against inter-racial marriage (in the 1940′s) would have said “NO!” because first of all people would say that that would destroy the racial purity (Hitler beliefs) of the Human race, second people would say the Zeta Reticulans are hideous and evil looking so who’d want to marry or have sex with them, and three the government would say that the Zeta Reticulans might be fallen angels so the government refuses to trust anything the Zeta Reticulans have to say. So, the Zeta Reticulans would be forced to resort to Plan B, abducting Humans for their breeding experiment, and they’re hoping to succeed in saving their species from extinction while also saving us from extinction of some sort in our future. The possible reason for an extinction level event happening is the fact that this has happened before in the Great Flood in the Bible where only three racial groups of Humans survived the flood by getting on the Ark while all the people who refused to even believe that a flood was going to occur ended up getting done in (they laughed it off as if there was no way a flood could happen in the desert since there hadn’t been rain in so long there was a drought, so no one believed a flood was possible and those same people might have also been primitive pre-Humans living on the Earth alongside modern Humans and the only way for modern Humans to take over the Earth was for all the primitive pre-Humans to just die out all at once by a massive worldwide flood.). What if that Great Flood was created either by God or extraterrestrials destroying a natural dam to cause all the primitive pre-Humans to die out so we modern Humans would have the Earth all to ourselves? Now what if the Zeta Reticulans intent to create a new Hybrid species that only some Humans on this Earth would accept as their children and love them (and love the Zeta Reticulans as well) while other people on this Earth would be violently opposed to having to live on this Earth with two other extraterrestrial species? Anyone who’s a true Christian would say that we should love all peoples, especially all Christians, and if the Zeta Reticulans said they’re Christians then they’d have lots of peaceful-minded people siding with them, but lots of other mean-spirited, hateful, violent people would come out of the woodwork saying that the Zeta Reticulans are fallen angels, demons, jinns, shape shifters, robots, and anything else that’s a negative thing to say. You could end up seeing a clash of civilizations happen like where the Native Americans were slaughtered by Christopher Columbus and the white man. In this case though, the aliens stay peaceful and it’s the Humans who can’t understand what the aliens are trying to say telepathically, so the first reaction of intelectually dumb people is to pull out a gun and shoot to kill the aliens out of fear of how they look. The only way for all the meek people on this Earth to inherit the Earth is for a natural disaster to occur and the only people who’d survive it are those that the Zeta Reticulans somehow know are likely to be peaceful and the Zeta Reticulans would Rapture (beam up into motherships) all the peaceful people who’d most likely not have any problem accepting grey skinned people (who look like preying mantises) with big, slanted, almond-shaped, black eyes as citizens of this Earth.

    Personally, I wish something would happen in reality that would bring out the truth and no coverup could happen such as say a mothership containing 5200 to 6000 Zeta Reticulans could crashland partially into the ocean and partially along the shoreline of California (caused by a malfunctioning ufo control panel like how a Playstation videogame controller just decides one day to stop working properly–the plastic pads under the panel wear out and break) and the ufo would crash in such a way that no Humans on the beach would be harmed, but some of the Zeta Reticulans would get injured and need to ask people on the beach for help telepathically or if there were any Hybrids on board their spacecraft then if the Hybrids can speak with their mouths then they’d speak for the Zeta Reticulans to ask the beachgoers to either call 911 for ambulances or drive the aliens to local hospitals in small groups. This kind of situation would put Humans face to face with Zeta Reticulans and make people demand that the government tell the truth since there’d be lots of people saying they met aliens face to face and there’d be doctors in hospitals with stories to tell about treating the Zeta Reticulans injuries. With enough people knowing that the government is lying the government would be forced to tell at least the governments version of what they think of as the truth. The government version of the truth will be filled with lots of negatives about the Zeta Reticulans not being trustworthy, being liars, breaking treaties, abducting humans for their breeding experiment, etc…What the government would be saying is they don’t like the Zeta Reticulans, don’t trust them, and don’t want to let the Zeta Reticulans live here as citizens. With enough people speaking up for the Zeta Reticulans the government would have to at least give the Zeta Reticulans a chance to live on this Earth as citizens. Also, most likely all the Humans that the Zeta Reticulans on board that mothership had abducted would be asked if they’d forgive what the Zeta Reticulans put them through and share their homes with the Zeta Reticulans (meaning sponsor them for citizenship) and that’s how the abductees would get to be reunited in family reunions with the Hybrid children they gave birth to. Basically, a Human family being combined with a Zeta Reticulan family in one house and we Humans would finally get to live like on the tv series Alien Nation, with the aliens living with us as citizens and we’d have to learn about their culture/social structure for a change. No doubt, we’d be expecting them to live our way of life while they’d be trying to get us to see things their way. Maybe we’d find out we have lots in common with them.

    Well, what I’ve said on here could at least be used as a script for a cool movie if you think about it.

    Bye Bye,

    Theresa Dennis
    125 Cypress Lane
    Leesburg, GA. 31763

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