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The Roswell Protocol is a story that was written and developed by Adam White a filmmaker from Gilbert, AZ but currently living in Lehi, UT.

Adam has written and directed several shorts, written a few feature length films (one of which he is currently finishing the final draft to shoot) and has worked on other features.

As many people want to know the specifics of how this web series is made here they are:

Budget: $0 – Just a lot of hard work, sweat and tears.

Crew Size: If you count the actors who pitch in and help usually around 2-4 people.

Camera – Episodes 1-4 were shot on the Panasonic HVX200 at 24 frames per second. 5 and on are on the Canon 60d at 24p.
Microphones – We use a zoom h4n mic and a rode shotgun mic.
Lighting – We have 3 softboxes purchased from a photographer. Nothing top of the line but they work.
Software – Adobe After Effects for the special effects and Final Cut Pro to edit.

Special Thanks to Warlord Studios – creators of the amazing alien.

Contact the filmmaker:

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